Frequently Asked Questions

How to Keep my Keyboard Clean?

Avoid eating at your desk. GET RID OF CRUMS & DUST Uplug you keyboard, turn it upside down over a bin, and shake gently. GET RID OF GREASE & GRIME Uplug your keyboard, gently wipe it off with a really damp miro fibre cloth followed by a wip with a dry micro fibre cloth. GET RID OF BACTERIA To rid the keys of bacteria & viruses, unplug your keyboard & gently rub the keyboard with an alcohol wip. DO NOT RUB TOO HARD as the letters may rub off. IF KEYBOARD IS EXTREMELY DIRTY THROW IT AOUT & BUY A NEW ONE!

My Computer Will Not Work!

Step 1: Check Power Cords and Leads Take a moment to ensure all leads are still plugged in and securely in place. We often see this common fault when a chair, foot or other item has inadvertently bumped and dislodged cables. The cord at the back of a monitor can wiggle out from repetitive movement, knocks and bumps. So easy to check and save yourself a call-out fee.

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