Fees and Charges

On Site Visit:

When you make a booking you are committing to a minimum invoice of $130 for the first Hour or part there of. After the first hour the rate is $40 per 20 min Block of time or part there of.

Remote Assistance Bookings:

When you make a remote assistance booking you are committing to an invoice of $50 for the first 20 minutes or part there of and $40 for every 20 min block of time after that or part there of. Please note, to provide remote support you will need a working internet connection. If you have a printer connection issue you may need an on site Booking. (Should a remote session prove futile and an On Site Visit is required, your remote session is not charged if you commit to an On Site Booking next available time slot)


If you make a booking and cancel same day a $25 cancellation fee with apply.

Over the phone Assistance:

We can only invoice for the advice and services we provide when booked. By all means call to discuss issues that may require a booking but when we are asked "how to do or how to fix something" this comes under consulting and charges apply. Over the phone assistance/advice is always based on the information you provide and this is not always qualified information.


Techs on TIme is Fully insured with Public Liability and Indemnity insurance. All standards are taken to care for your data and devices. Certificate of Currency

NOTE: When booking, the time allocated for the booking allows for travel to and from appointments. Is not the time that is charged out. Above charge times apply