Step 1: Check Power Cords and Leads


Take a moment to ensure all leads are still plugged in and securely in place. We often see this common fault when a chair, foot or other item has inadvertently bumped and dislodged cables. The cord at the back of a monitor can wiggle out from repetitive movement, knocks and bumps. So easy to check and save yourself a call-out

Step 2: Check for Electricity Outage

Occasionally a phase or power interruption has occurred which might not be obvious. Buildings can sometimes lose power in a circuit rather than the whole building, so lights and some functionality to power points may still occur while the circuit to your computer may be out. Check your switchboard or your electricity supplier first. Call Energex 136262 for current known outages in your area.

Step 3: Check PC Beeps on Start-up


All computers make a range of beeps when they are starting up. If you perform a restart or are starting your computer, listen that it makes all its regular noises. If it doesn't, this will help us diagnose a potential issue and the PC will need urgent attention from your technician.

Step 4: I Can't Browse the Internet


Check all cables are firmly in place and haven't been inadvertently dislodged. Check your modem is still connected and reboot the modem. If still in doubt perform a shutdown and restart on your computer. If you still cannot connect, call you Internet Service Provider to check for any known faults or outages in your area. Use your smart phone to temporarily browse the internet to ensure the site is not having issues. Call Telstra 133933 Bigpond Technical assistance. Telstra Business 132000 Technical assistance. 

Step 5: TOP TIP


Often when computers run constantly. they need to perform a full refresh and lots of small, niggly issues will disappear after the computer is restarted. Remember to allow it to fully boot up and allow time for all its regular connections and start up programs to open and connect before re-testing.

Step 6: Looks like you've done it all, Consider Making a Booking